In addition to logistics, we can also offer our customers a broad range of installation and assembly services.


The joint experience of Ahola Special and Ahola Install enables us to take care of the entire process for you: transportation, lifting as well as installation and assembly work. Our seasoned professionals are there for you, consulting in questions you may have on project control and management.


Ahola Install has decades of experience in installation projects and assembly services, enabling us to fully commit to your project and ensuring that your staff can fully focus on their own core competence. In addition to installation and assembly projects, we can also arrange jacking and skidding of tanks and containers as well as second-stage pours in the installation of concrete prefabricates in high-rise buildings.


Agile and cost-effective installation and assembly solutions


The primary goals of our services are always safety and reliability, but we also want to offer our customers cost-effectiveness and agility. Our customers include various industrial and construction operators.


One-stop shop for logistics services, installations and assemblies


A single point of contact is all we need to start a complete, all-inclusive chain of logistics services, ranging from planning to transports and the finals stages of installation. Take a look at some of the total solutions we have executed. 


Get in touch, and together we can plan a functional package to match your logistics and assembly needs.