Special Transport Kemissä työntouhussa


Become Ahola Special’s partner

Partnering with Ahola Special offers both new entrepreneurs and experienced professionals the chance to grow and develop. As a growth-seeking company, we actively look for new partners.


Reliable contract carriers and partners are a key component of Ahola Special’s operations. As special transport professionals, we offer our partners access to a versatile fleet and modern tools. Joint equipment purchases can help our partners achieve significant cost benefits.


Due to our long-standing experience in the field, our customer base is well-established and diverse, offering a platform for growth for many types of industry players. Our partners can rely on us to manage our accounts regularly and as agreed.

We actively look for new contract carriers

We are part of Ahola Group, one of the leading companies in the sector in terms of utilising and developing digital tools. The opportunity to use the latest technology offers our partners a channel to develop and boost their business.


Choose to grow and develop your business as Ahola Special’s partner. Get in touch to discuss the benefits and opportunities of a partnership with Ahola Special!