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Full-scope special transports with 40 years’ experience

Special transports generally call for a precise, differentiated approach, as well as good planning and a broad range of transportation equipment in order to ensure high quality and precise, but also cost-effective and eco-efficient transports. We at Ahola Special are specialised in planning and executing special transports tailored to your individual needs. Whether the item you need to transport is long, wide, high, heavy, fragile or in any other way demanding – Ahola Special is ready to help and execute your haulage according to the agreed schedule, taking good care of your valuable goods.


Special transports as a turn-key solution


We handle the entire process for you, ranging from single deliveries to full-scope projects, both inland and overseas, anywhere in Finland, the Nordics, Europe or even worldwide. In other words, we are where you need us to be to make your haulage meet the highest standards.


We can particularly help you with:


Special transportation solutions for oversized and heavy goods: Our total solutions include consultation, permits, and route planning and reconnaissance. Read more

Project logistics: The services cover overall project planning and management, including both road and sea transports with the necessary additional services, such as handling at port, as well as jacking and skidding. Read more

Total solutions for wind power logistics: Shipping and land transportation of wind turbine components. Read more


Responsibility We agree on what is to be done and we keep our promises. Openness We talk to people, not about them. If we can’t keep our promises, we immediately inform all parties concerned. Respect We believe in equality among all people. We all have different jobs, but the overall effort is the result of each and everyone’s contribution. Everyone should have the opportunity to succeed in their work.

One-stop shop for executing your special transportation needs to a high standard

Ahola Special is a part of the Ahola Group.  The heart and soul of our service are the people in our family company. Their expertise enables them to both see the big picture and identify in advance the demanding, critical details of special transport projects. Thanks to the strong backing of the Ahola Group and decades of experience in special transports, we can offer a single point of contact for highly functional and cost-effective total transport services to match your needs – from every-day road transports of general cargo to tailored, unique solutions.

Ahola employs some 700 professionals

Our vision is to reach a leading position in the Northern European logistics markets by modernising traditional logistics and developing new digital services.

Get in touch and we will plan special transports to cost-effectively meet high standards of quality as well as your specific needs.