Special Transport Suuri kuljetus Kemissä Lumella

Quality and safety

Quality and safety of special transports

Special transports make up a very small share of road transports, but their impact and especially their value is often very high. Ahola Special’s dedicated professionals, specialising in challenging transports, ensure that your special transport arrives safely at its destination.


The legal definition of a special transport is a transport that has characteristics that clearly differ from other traffic. It is a good idea to hire professionals to take care of your special transports, because diverse competence is required to carry them out successfully.

The safety of special transports starts with planning

Precise and careful planning guarantees cost-effectiveness and safety. Ahola Special’s experts perform route reconnaissance, simulation, and planning professionally and with care. Our project coordinators are responsible for your special transport on a turnkey basis, ensuring the quality and safety of the transport from start to finish.


Take a look at our special transports in Ahola Special’s references.


Special transports require a versatile fleet and professionals


At Ahola Special, we take care of and ensure the transportation of your valuable cargo with our modern and versatile transport fleet. Our fleet is designed and built for the demanding challenges presented by special transports.


Even the best fleet is not enough, however, because a successful end result also requires skilled professionals to drive the fleet and plan the execution of the project. Ahola Special’s professionals see the big picture and identify in advance the demanding, critical details of special transport projects. All of our special transports’ drivers use the Driver’s Guide.


Ahola Special is verified by DNV with the ISO 9001 quality certificate, which guarantees that your special transports are in capable hands.


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