Skilled professionals to take care of your heavy and oversized transports

When you need to transport cargo which, due to its dimensions or weight, cannot be hauled within the constraints of normal road transportation, Ahola Special’s skilled professionals will take care of the job for you.


The longer, taller, heavier or wider the goods, the more interested we are in transporting them for you. Our modern fleet of equipment can handle even the most challenging haulage needs. Ahola Special hauls heavy and oversized cargo both on land and at sea.


Executing special transportation jobs cost-effectively and to a high standard of quality takes a lot of planning and sensible routing – and this is where our skilled professionals are just the right persons to help your special cargo reach its destination.

Special transports are the cornerstone of our company

Transport of massive pulper drums from Finland to Germany

Ahola Special – The journey of a turbine blade