Wind power logistics with years of experience

Ahola Special executes logistics related to wind power with professionalism and cost-effectively. Wind power projects are major investments, which means that perfect, carefully scheduled execution of the logistics is crucial for the success of the entire project.


The transports involve large components, which sets exact requirements on both the equipment and transport planning. Our modern equipment is suitable for wind power logistics, which means we can carry out even the most demanding transports for your wind power project to a high standard of quality. We have years of experience in transporting blades, tower blocks, engine rooms, generators and hubs.


Your partner for demanding wind power logistics


Ahola Special can see the big picture of large projects and identifies their critical details. Being a professional logistics partner, our job is to make sure that everything goes smoothly in your project, in terms of both logistics and service.


You can read more about Ahola Special’s experience in wind power logistics in our references.


Total solutions for wind power logistics


Ahola Special offers total solutions for wind power logistics with solid expertise. We offer complete services both for road and sea transports of wind turbine components.

To ensure smooth and cost-effective execution of wind power transports, we are there for our customers also in the planning of transport routes, route reconnaissance, as well as for the necessary permit processes and lifting during installation.


In demanding wind power transports, pre-planning is essential. For wind power logistics, we can utilize the Ahola Engineering service, which allows us to offer our customers comprehensive solutions that consider all aspects of the transportation process – technical, economic, and environmental.


Get in touch, and Ahola Special will tailor wind power transport to meet the needs of your company.

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